Casino Roulette Cheat

Roulette cheating is possible only if you play in land-based casinos, but not roulette online.

First of all every player should know that cheating can be not only illegal. Legal cheating is when one uses predictive devices but does not have the impact on outcome of spins.

There were a lot of people who won with a help of roulette computers, which are considered to be electronic cheating devices and a casino's worst nightmares. The point is that they are legal to apply. If somebody is caught, he/she will be just asked to leave. But for the brave players it is the easiest method of winning roulette.

Roulette Computers' Work

There are a lot of different computers and methods for casino roulette cheat. The most famous is using manual clicks on a button in order to influence the revolutions of the Roulette ball and wheel. Computer learns the deceleration and makes a prediction.

Some other illegal methods of cheating

Wheel Gaffing:

This method is usually done by casino employees, which has access to the wheel. They can warp the wheel or something like that. It may cause a deceleration rate of the wheel.

Magnets in the Ball:

There was one incident, where a magnet ball was used for cheating. The players directed the ball to tracts in which the bets were made. Unfortunately this scam was discovered, but no one knows how the original ball was changed for the magnetized one.

Dipping the Wheel:

Leaning against wheel may lower the half of the wheel and the ball will lend at a necessary point. This is the advantage for the player. This type of cheating is very rare as modern casinos strictly prohibit leaning of the wheel. All the more, Roulette wheels are usually protected by Perspex.

But remember, anyone can play both online and offline Roulette without cheating and have fun playing casino Roulette.

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