Charles Wells

Gambling is one of the oldest things of the world. People from every country of this world do gamble everyday. Different types of games and tricks are used to gamble. Gambling has many rules and restrictions but that can not hold the spread of gamble. Though, people love to gamble but winning in gamble is not an easy task. You have to learn the games or tricks well and you have to be skilled to be good at the game.

You also need the help of your luck because without it winning will become rare for you. There are many myths in the gambling world about many persons because of their ability to win a lot in gambling. Charles Wells was a famous gambler who won a lot in the casino named Monte Carlo and the famous song named The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo based on his story. Some of the famous gamblers name and history are given below:

Charles Wells

He proved that the fortune favors only the brave rather than the virtuous. He invested some pounds at the Monte Carlo casino in 1891 for the game roulette and he won a lot that people can hardly imagine. This changed the history of roulette and he had become the legend of the game.

His Story

People try to play roulette for a few times and if they win then they leave that place but Wells was different, his method was to play as many times as he could. He played roulette for 11 hours without stopping for a single round and he won a lot and including winning 20 times in 30 rounds. The song Breaking the Bank was not meant to robbing the bank but winning so much that to pay the amount the casino had to go to the bank for extra money. He went the casinos for 12 days and won millions and then left the place. After a year he came back and won again million and he became the winner for the 5 times at all time.

People could not find any clue how Wells became the winner for so many times. Many researches had taken place but any research could not show anything. At the end people has decided that he was the luckiest among other roulette players of al time and even today the best gamblers of the world remember his name.

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