Joseph Jagger

The full name of Jagger was Joseph Hobson Jagger and he was born in 1830 and died in 1892. Basically He was an engineer but he was popular for playing roulette. Some people believe that his name was Jaggers but most of the research showed that his name was Jagger not Jaggers. He had some type blood connection with Mick Jagger.

He was born in the September of 1830 and his village name Shelf and that village situated near the Halifax of Yorkshire. He worked in cotton industries of Yorkshire as an engineer and from that he got experience about machine.

Link with Roulette

He did a lot research about roulette machines and its behavior and after that he discovered that roulette machines were not random as everybody said and it could have biases that could be turned for a particular slot or number and that number would win a lot. In the 1873 he hired 6 people to secretly record the winning positions of the 6 roulette wheels of 6 famous casinos of that time. After getting the records he came with a decision that for one roulette wheel among the 6 had clear bias, and that wheel made outcomes only for 29, 28, 22, 19, 18, 17, 9, 8 and 7 numbers, and other numbers happened only a few times in a day.

Adventure Began

After the decision, he made his 1st bet on the 7th July of 1875 and won a lot within a shortest period of time. He won £14,000 but comparing with amount of current time, that amount will be £700,000, 50 times larger than the actual amount. For the next 3 days he won £60,000 and after that the casino authority changed the wheel. He marked the wheel earlier and after a few rounds he learnt that the wheel was changed.

Then he went to look for the mark and he found that wheel in other place of the casino. Then he started winning again and everyday the casino authority changing the position of the roulette wheel and at last they broke the wheel and for doing this Jagger loosed a lot but still he had most of his winnings in his hand. After a few days of loosing Jagger left Monte Carlo and he never came back to the city.

Jagger invested all his winnings in different businesses and he got a lot profit from those businesses. In 1892 a song come out with the name The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo and the man who was behind of this song was Jagger and people of the gambling world still uses his name to play and gamble.

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