Online Roulette Cheating

Cheating is a common way while playing roulette and doing cheats in roulette is easier than any other casino games. Past Posting is one of the best cheats of roulette and this method invented many years ago and still people are using this to play the game.

How It Works

In roulette every player has to place their bet on before spinning the wheel. When the wheel starts spinning and the ball starts for the final slots, usually the dealer looks into the wheel to know about the final position of the ball. If you are a sharp player and you know about hand skill then you can change your bet on the winning position or number. This type of cheating can easily be participated on a roulette wheel where the number of dealer is one.

The cheater can remove the losing bet or place a bet on the winning position or he or she can change the losing bet on another position. You have to be very sharp, agile, and calculating. The dealers are also know about this tricks so you must not be caught because if you get caught then there will be punishment for this tricks.

Ball Control

This is another popular and effective cheating method. This method is usually used in the roulette wheel when the ball is changing position on the roulette table. Years of Practice of the dealers provide the authority that they can usually put the ball anywhere they want. That means the result can be changed by the dealer.

Though, dealers are doing the same thing for the casinos for years so they usually have the estimation that if they put the ball on a position then the ball will be stop rolling on what position. Though, people believe this but there is no proof of it so if you think this is true then watch the game for a few rounds then put your bet after dealer roll the wheel and put the ball into the wheel.

Other Cheats of Roulette

There are some other cheating methods in roulette to get improved results from the game. There are varieties of techniques and software to increase your chance to win in the game. Before using any cheating method you must master the method and also practice the method privately to check the effectiveness of the method then you can use the method on the real game. Cheating is good to win but if you have been captured then huge punishment will wait for you.

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