Roulette is a popular and common casino game in this world. People love to play roulette because there is no strategy or system to win in this game, every thing you will need to win this game is luck. If your luck favors you then you can win a lot in this game. Though, the rules to play the game really easy so you can learn the game within a short period and you can win at the came. Roulette is a table base game and the table used to play the game is known as the roulette table.

At the center point of the table a wheel will be placed what is known as the roulette wheel. Every roulette wheel has its own number of slots depending on the roulette versions. If you play European roulette then there will be 37 slots 0-36 but if you play American roulette then there will have an extra 00 slot. If you play mini roulette and no zero slot roulette then the slot numbers will be changed.

Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is the main part of the game and usually it has around 3 feet diameter and the weight can be around 100 pounds. You have to admit that wheel is the main part of any roulette game. Though, every roulette wheel has some slots and they also have numbering for each slot but the total wheel has been divided into some colors like black, red, green etc.

Slots Color

Though, the wheel has around 36 number slots so the number slots are divided into black and red color where the zero and double zero slots have green color. The numbers are arranged to get the combination between red and black, low and high, evens and odds. Though, there is a rule what must be followed to arrange those slots in perfect way.

You can think that there is no or small use of roulette wheel, but the truth is the wheel provides real fun to the players and whenever you play roulette the wheel will provide real excitement to bet on your luck and win the game. so, start playing the game and check your luck, either you win or lose surely you will have fun.

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